Wi-Fi Usage Guidelines

Internet Provision

Ipswich Libraries provide internet access in libraries to support the information, learning, recreational and cultural needs of residents. In providing this access, Ipswich Libraries is supporting formal and informal education outcomes, reducing the digital divide in the community and encouraging individuals to participate in the information society.

Users must not:

  1. Modify the Ipswich Libraries’ operating environment and/or computer desktop/s and/or wireless equipment.
  2. Attempt to bypass or modify any filter and/or firewall, restriction or security measures put in place by Ipswich Libraries.

Information on the Internet

Ipswich Libraries do not monitor or control the information accessible through the internet and cannot be held responsible for content. Be aware that information, data, programs or materials which may be deemed offensive, controversial or inappropriate are accessible.

Accessing the Internet at the Library

Internet access is provided to Library members. Parents and guardians are responsible for their children’s selection and use of library materials and services, including access to the internet.

Internet users are reminded that the Library is a public space and consideration for fellow Library users, especially children, is expected. Ipswich Libraries reserves the right to cancel a user’s access to the internet should obscene or illegal content be viewed.

Unacceptable use of Wi-Fi Services

When using the Library’s Wi-Fi Network it is NOT ACCEPTABLE to:

  • Hassle, insult or offend other users
  • Copy copyright-protected materials without authorisation
  • Attempt to gain unauthorised access to any system
  • Inappropriate use of electronic communications including sending mail under the name of another
  • Compromise the privacy of others

Hardware and Software

Ipswich Libraries staff will not give any help to hardware or software problems encountered with equipment not owned by Ipswich Libraries. Any problems you experience with your equipment or software are your responsibility.


Much of the material (including software) available on the internet is copyright protected.
Users must not breach copyright in material available on the internet.

A copyright owner is entitled to take legal action against a user who infringes his or her copyright. Unless other wise permitted by the Copyright Act 1968, unauthorised copying of a work in which copyright subsists (including digital copying) may infringe the copyright in that work.

By using the Library’s electronic resources, users release and discharge the Ipswich City Council from any liability which might arise including loss of data, loss of privacy, or damage from viruses or malicious code.

Ipswich Libraries provide wireless internet access to Library members on the above terms and conditions.

By using the Library’s wireless internet service, Library members agree to these terms and conditions.