Information for Teachers

What We Offer
Ipswich Libraries offer a wide range of learning activities for school groups. We can tailor sessions to meet the needs of your group that can be delivered at your school or combined with an excursion to one of our Library branches.

The Library offers a great range of fun activities for early learners and primary school students, such as:

  • Storytelling
  • Book talking
  • Reader’s Theatre
  • Story Sports
  • Local History sessions
  • Information on how to use the Library, and much more

Your group could also request to be a part of one of our existing library programs.

The Library provides great resources and lessons for middle school and high school students, including:

  • Virtual Reality Journeys – Bring creative teaching into your classroom. Join us in taking your students on a Virtual Reality field trip using Google Expeditions and our Daydream VR Headsets!
  • Local History – Our team can deliver fun and interesting local history sessions designed to engage and encourage interest in the history of Ipswich and teach students how to research using Library resources such as the Viva Cribb Local History Room and our online Picture Ipswich archive.
  • STEAM Powered Makerspace – Visit Ipswich Central Library and experiment with a range of cutting edge technologies in our specially designed Makerspace. Experience Virtual and Augmented Reality, green screen environments and our 3D Sand Box.
  • Building Student Research Skills – We provide assignment and research assistance for students in secondary schools. Each session is tailored to suit school topics and research requirements with students learning how to conduct effective research and evaluate information.
  • Coding and Robotics – Our emergent technology classes can teach and motivate students to develop analytical thinking and problem solving skills, while encouraging intuitive learning and creativity through the use of library robotics and coding equipment.
  • Ipswich Libraries Online Learning Hub – Discover how students can use the online learning hub to develop writing, presentation and research skills, encourage teamwork and cultivate new skills in various areas of interest.

Sessions can be tailored to your needs, and can focus on a particular assignment, subject or theme.

Booking Enquiry
Thank you for your interest in the resources & services available to students and teachers through the Ipswich Libraries.

To enhance the learning experience for students it is recommended that all student groups have sufficient adult supervision. Please be aware that the duty of care resides with the teacher in charge of the group for all excursions to the library or outreach visits to schools.

Bookings are essential for all school programs, including library excursions and outreach visits.

Booking Enquiry

Study Zone
The Study Zone is your portal to the Library’s best resources for students. The Study Zone provides links to the Library’s databases, helpful websites for assignments, study and research tips, ebooks, Yourtutor service and much more. The Study Zone encourages students to take their research a step further, to ask questions when they need help, and to use reliable online sources for their assignments.

Please note that due to licensing conditions, use of databases is restricted to individual students who are members of the Ipswich Library and are accessing the databases from home or from within a branch of the Ipswich Library. They are not to be used in the classroom.

Student Memberships
Library membership allows students to access a wide range of online resources such as databases, Yourtutor services, digital magazines and newspapers, games, ebooks, and more. For a full list of services we can provide you and your students, see the Study Zone page.

If you would like your students to become members they can sign up online using our Membership Form. There are two types of membership to choose from:

  • Online membership allows you to place a reservation in the online catalogue, and to use our digital services, including downloading e-books, audiobooks, music, as well as accessing our members-only databases.
  • Full membership allows you to do all of the above, plus borrow physical items from any Ipswich Libraries service point.

We suggest that students initially sign up for an Online membership. This gives them quick access to all of our online services, with parental permission confirmed via e-mail. An Online membership can be converted to a full membership at any time. A parent or guardian will need to show proof of address at any Ipswich Libraries branch to pick up the library membership card.