Interlibrary Loan Guidelines

Material not held at the Ipswich Libraries may be available through our Interlibrary Loan Service. This provides library members with access to materials held at other libraries throughout Australia. The following guidelines apply:

  1. An Interlibrary Loan will be provided, when possible, if an item is out of print, we are not purchasing the item, or we are unable to purchase the item.
  2. The waiting period for an Interlibrary Loan is determined by its availability and may take several weeks to arrive.
  3. In certain circumstances, an Interlibrary Loan may only be available for In-House use at an Ipswich Library branch.
  4. Renewals are subject to approval from the lending library.
  5. Customers must not remove the wrapper for the item.
  6. Charges for loss or damage of items will be in accordance with those set by the lending library and will be passed on to the borrower.
  7. Request for commercial DVD titles that are readily available at video stores will not be filled. However, non-fiction DVD’s may be requested.
  8. Audio visual material has limited availability for Interlibrary lending.
  9. Car repair manuals also have a very limited availability. However, photocopies of a section from repair manuals may be requested.
  10. If the item is only available from a charging library there is an additional fee of $16.50 (inc. GST).
  11. To request an item through Interlibrary Loan, please fill out the Suggest a Purchase Form or email

Please note that there is a limit of 3 Interlibrary Loan Requests per patron at any one time.

Before making a request for the library to purchase an item or an InterLibrary Loan request, please make sure we don’t already have an item by searching our online catalogue.

If we do not hold the item you want, please fill out our Suggest a Purchase (& Interlibrary Loan) form.