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Hans Laroo Research
Photo shows colloidal silver in the making between two silver electrodes submerged in water and carrying an electric current.  The nanometre-sized silver cannot even be seen with a conventional laboratory type optical microscope.  (c) Hans LarooCreated by local independent science researcher Hans Laroo, this site is dedicated to the advancement of Interfacial and Colloidal science, colloidal silver’s uses, and whether it is beneficial or dangerous. The research relies on scientific disciplines ranging from electro-photochemistry, structure of water science, quantum physics, optics & analogue electronics, and many others.
DAF (Department of Agriculture and Fisheries)
Queensland Government web site which provides guidelines for livestock management, invasive weed and pest control, plant health in agriculture, fishing, biosecurity and much more.
Department of Environment and Energy
A starting point for the best information about the environment, from biodiversity to sustainability , as well as the energy market, renewable energy and climate change.
The Dino Directory
From the Natural History Museum, London, comes this fantastic directory of over 300 dinosaurs. Explore dinosaurs by name, period, body shape, or country, look through the dinosaur gallery, view 3D digital models, and play games and quizzes.
The latest and greatest in technology; from your everyday tech like phones, computers and cameras to the more esoteric, like bicycles grown from bamboo; and the big projects like the Mars Rover and other interspace travels.
Are you looking for more hands on technology? Head to MAKE for some technologically magical project, some easy, some hard, all with a little bit of technology to make it special.
National Geographic Science
Amazing photography, interesting articles and great videos. A fantastic site to lose yourself in.
This is a series of blogs about science. Well referenced, with a lively community, these bloggers will keep you up to date and informed.
SciBlogs New Zealand
The NZ counterpart.